We, Weingut Edgar Brutler, are a family winery in the village of Beltiug in Transylvania / Romania. The winery was founded in 2018, but we have been practicing viticulture for generations in this place.

Around the village we cultivate 4 hectares of vineyards and that exclusively organic. The grapes are processed into wine in a vaulted cellar which is traditional in Beltiug. It drills over 60 meters into the loam hills of the village. We call our style “old-school-avantgarde”. The grapes come mainly from old vineyards and are transformed by traditional methods to wine. But as the world does not stand still, we give the wine and its look a new twist and process all our ideas into it, whether it's in the winemaking process or in the design of the labels.

Johann Brutler

Katharina Brutler

Edgar Brutler

Philipp Heinzl

Stefan Schmied

(1930 – 2014)

Most of our vineyards are old plants with a row line spacing of one meter. It takes a lot of manual labor to cultivate these vineyards. Nevertheless, we have made it our mission to preserve these old structures.

The variety composition within these vineyards is varied, however, the main varieties are Welschiesling and Feteascá regalá. There are still many other different varieties to find. Some old vines are completely unknown to us.

We pay special attention to the Grünspitz. This grape variety was grown in our village, but has disappeared over the years. Only a few old vines were still growing in the vineyard of Stefan Schmied. From these we have cut the scions and planted a new vineyard in 2009.

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